Plane Jane

by No Good

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nogoodfan Great sound. Proud of you guys. Favorite track: Drive.
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This EP is a something we are very proud of and something that we are very proud to be releasing. We feel like this is a more accurate representation of us and are happy to finally put this out.

We would like to give a huge thank you to:
Anyone who has ever lent us their ear, anyone who has ever picked up a shirt or CD, every venue that has allowed us to play, every band that we've been able to play with, especially Gadget and Terribly Happy, Logan Kiesewetter, Mike Schafer, Daniel Tomlinson, Raygan, our parents, our families, and an all our friends that continuously come out to see us, you truly make our shows really fun to play.


released March 14, 2017

All material written by No Good
Recorded/Mixed by: Zach McReynolds, Morgan Stricklin
Mastered by: Steve Lambiase



all rights reserved


No Good Peoria, Illinois

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Track Name: Googly Eye
Can I be honest I'm exhausted as I try to find the words to say
To share with you the feelings that I have in my head
They drive my action they steer my thoughts
I am my own passenger

Loosing direction feeling conviction
I beg for mercy please don't forget me

Am i even worthy of the attention that you're giving to me right now
I've lost myself and fear i'll never be found

I'll try to shut out the voice that's coming from my shoulder
Try to concentrate
I get to choose my fate
Track Name: Plane Jane
Searching for this feeling the feeling of achieving flight so I can sore right through the night inhale exhale let it all go away let me fly like I'm a plane
In this moment I am nothing but a vessel among a million or more when it comes to success I may not be the first one but at least I'm having fun
So sit back and relax and let me take your pain away will sort through the darkest of nights and the brightest of days
Track Name: Pessimist
each stride I take with effort though I may seem hypocritical I checked thought in my presence I should get used to this
I'm a mess I'll lie again to myself am I in hell
Is anyone even listening do I have a story to tell I hate to seek your approval how can someone care if I don't
Track Name: Drive
You need to learn how to drive
Strap in and hold on tight you're on your way on a bumpy ride you can try to see what's to come but don't forget where you come from don't pack your bags without your clothes you can do all things on your own strap in and hold on tight you're on your way on a bumpy ride

Glorify the self righteous feeling that you have when you talk to yourself in the third person you got a gas when you don't know and joy ride the open road you gotta drive

Everything I have learned up to now has been nothing but learning curves to all these roads and if I'm not where You want me to be I'm sorry
Don't tell me you were there for me you were never riding shotgun you only wanted sympathy